If you have stumbled upon this page you are probably looking to get stronger, bigger, or leaner.  Lucky for you, I have the ability to get you there as fast as possible.


Here is my general approach:



Unless you are happy staying the way you currently look (which is fine if you’re into being a normal human being) then you will need to make improvements to your dietary habits.  That could mean you need to eat more steaks, or that you need to have a delicious refeed day once a week.  It could also mean that you will need to consume more vegetables and fruits and all that “fun stuff.”  We will figure that out through questionnaires.

Even if you are just looking to perform at a higher level, or get stronger while maintaining your bodyweight, I can help you there as well.

As long as your numbers are going up, the scale is increasing, or you’re getting more beddable, I think we will both be happy.


Compound Exercises

This means doing the most badass and hardcore exercises as possible in the gym.  If you plan on going to the gym to look good the whole time well, I’m probably not the guy for you.  You may (or may not) leave in a sweaty-chalk-filled mess.

I can guarantee (barring any injuries) that you will perform the following: barbell squats, barbell deadlifts, bench press, chins, overhead presses, and rows of all sorts.  These are the bread and butter of my programs.  I do not discriminate against gender either, if you’re a female, these will make up much of what you do.  Whether or not you’re trying to gain or lose weight, you will still do these exercises.



Progressive Overload

You will get stronger.  It’s a part of the program.  If that scares you then I don’t know what led you to my site as that’s what I’m all about.  As Mark Bell always says “strength is never a weakness.”  That’s the truth right there.  You will never get any worse at anything from getting stronger.


Still interested?

You got two options.  If you are interested in becoming an online client of mine read on.  If you are just looking to pick my brain, please schedule an appointment with me on Google Helpouts:


Fill out the form below to apply for a 30 minute consultation call, on the house.  I’ve made a commitment to myself.  I will only work with clients who will achieve nothing less than greatness  from teaming up with me.  I’m also pretty busy and as much as I’d love to work with y’all I have to be picky.  So fill out dat dere web form and hopefully we can have a chat.

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