Outstanding Articles and Vids of The Week

I’ve been thinking of starting something like this for a while.  Not sure why I didn’t.  So here we go.


Omega-3s and Prostate Cancer: Is There a Downside? – By Kristen Wiens

I’m sure you have read/listened/heard about how omega-3 fatty acids have been linked with an increased risk of prostate cancer…  I could complain about how the media needs to maybe learn to read a bit of research, or ask someone who knows a thing or two, but I won’t.  So here is a pretty good and short read that does a pretty fine job of refuting these alarmist claims.


Of Mice and Men: Problems With Animal Studies Highlighted In A New Light – Posted by Gary Schwitzer

This is another research related article showing some new issues with animal studies.  Why does it matter?  The media loves to jump on bullshit, (see above) and sometimes they will make assumptions on ‘this or that,’ based on the results of animal studies.  New information is now coming up showing how biased some of these animal studies really are, therefore skewing the results towards the researchers hypothesis.


Lilly and Carter on Submaximal Training – By Juggernaut

This is the fifth part of a series that Brandon Lilly and Paul Carter did.  This instalment focuses on training whilst using submaximal loads.  They stress the importance of getting away from continuously training with weights at or near your 1RM and how it’s a highly effective method for increasing your strength in the short and long-term.


Submaximal training is important.  It’s not the only way to train, but the amount of strong dudes who have gone through submax cycles cannot be ignored.  If you enjoy getting stronger, do yourself a favour and learn a thing or two about submaximal training.



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