My Training For The Week. 2011: Week One

Training is going quite well. My body weight increased by 4 pounds over the holidays. I’m back down to where I was before with one less pound. I’ve decreased my caloric intake to start going down again. Very small increment, but enough to make a difference over the long run.

My training is still reverse pyramid training (RPT), I’m thoroughly enjoying it. My quads were literally sore for 4 days after my last squat session. I don’t care much for soreness, but it’s nice to have once in a while. I’ve started incorporating box squats into my programming. I’m really liking them, they really help you learn to sit back into your squat and keep your tibiae vertical.

Vertical tibiae are important for knee health. So I tend to be a form nazi when it comes to keeping them vertical for both squat and deadlift patterns.

Day One:
Box Squats
American Thrusts
Drag Curls

Day Two:
Incline Bench
TRX Inverted Rows
TRX Flutters/Band Pushdowns

Day Three:
Rack Pulls
Floor Press
Hammer Curls

My strength has really seemed to level off. I’m pretty happy about that after, losing a little bit of strength in that first stretch. Hopefully with the new caloric intake, I won’t lose any more strength. That’s it for now. I got a good piece I think a lot of my readers will benefit from for next week. Enjoy your weekend.

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